Kaepernick’s fire spreading to Seattle Seahawks? Are they right to do it on 9/11?

Will the Seahawks follow the 49ers lead and take a seat during the national anthem on 9/11?

Will this protest catch fire across the country?

Is it right? Will be talking about this tonight.

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09 03 2016 The John Brislin Show

Tonight's topic: Should off-duty police feel obligated to guard the 49'ers?

Members of the Santa Clara Police Officer's Association say they will stop supplying around 70 cops to each 49ers game if Kapernick continues

They say comments Kaepernick made about police brutality and a pair of socks decorated with pigs constitute 'inappropriate workplace behavior'

Kaepernick has vowed to take a knee during the national anthem to protest the treatment of black people and people of color in America

He insists he is 'not anti-American', wants to help the country 'get better' and will donate $1million of his own money to make that happen

Posted by John Brislin Show AM720 KDWN on Saturday, September 3, 2016

Black Lives Matter, How we come back together? A real leader. None coming. Bummer.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a leaderless movement that is in a “family” of hot American issues that, collectively, endanger our nation. We need a leader to lead us out of this minefield, a leader worthy of a monument in 50 years for what they do in the next 5.

Philando Castile

Black Lives Matter ignites over Philando Castile, shot during routine traffic stop allegedly due to confusion over CCW and weapon in car.

I no longer think that the current presidential candidates’ gutter politics this cycle are leading us, but rather reflecting us. But, they’re not helping. That said, we need – I’m saying NEED here – a leader, a truly inspiring generational leader to get us out of this mess. We need a person worthy of a monument in DC 50 years from now. This cocktail of problems our nation is facing is not a place for a leaderless movement such as the Occupy Movement, the Tea Party movement, or Black Lives Matter. Immigration, That should be our standard for a president, not simply “good” relative to the other candidate.
[#black lives matter] We are facing many dividing influences in each of our worlds. So many that we must collectively do triage on them all in order to do the most good.
We all have the list as we see it. We all have the lists that affect our lives the most. We should. But,
there are those that you have selected to make decisions for the states and for the country that must create lists for those states and for the country. I believe that a presidents list should look like this and I will commit all of the resources of my administration to accomplishing this reformative list with the fervor of JFK’s desire to put a man on the moon.
[#black lives matter] Let us each look deep within ourselves, deep within this society that we have been given and continue to build. We find deeply disturbing problems. That’s okay. We can fix them.
E Pluribus Unum. The motto of the United States. Out of many one.
[#black lives matter] Obviously one of the key elements of this fix is to fix the way we choose leaders so that we
Idea: add “no confidence” to the ballot. If a candidate can’t prove their greatness to at least 51 percent of the people above the other candidate AND a “none of the above” candidate/option…they don’t deserve the highest office in the land.
Ironically, the candidates run to satisfy the minimum standards presented. Make a “confidence” vote one of the measures and they will target that and – go figure – hit it. They could, but we are not asking them to. So, they don’t shoot for that. We lose for no good reason.
The electoral process is designed to make an unknown, a strong voice with strong ideas, able to compete and win. The system is designed to find this person. The choice of IA, NH, SC and NV as first contests is evidence.
•Leaders are not acting as statesmen that are inspiring all Americans to hold to our values and resist assumptions of guilt
oThis empowers all Americans to behave the same way
oIndeed, the incessant refrain that cops are racist could well increase the likelihood that black suspects will resist arrest, and that witnesses will be reluctant to cooperate.
•These times need a leader. A person to step and say
oLeadership selection process changes
oRace relations:
There is a higher chance of getting arrested or incarcerated if your black
Areas like The per capita shooting rate in Brownsville, Brooklyn, with its legacy of poverty and crime, is 81 times higher than in working-class Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, a few miles away, according to the New York Police Department. This exponentially higher rate of gun violence means that the police will be much more intensively deployed in Brownsville, trying to protect innocent residents and gangbangers alike from shootings.

•The race divide is not a place to make your career better
oThe win is in the fight
oWe must have someone that will speak out against those trying to co-opt the “black community
•Police leaders nationally must come together to put together a plan to address
•There are multiple things happening in our country simultaneously
oWe can want it to be simple, but it just isn’t

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

06 11 2016 The John Brislin Show

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