Donald Kardashian-Trump; Southwest holds plane for dying pet, Hillary out?

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  Tragedy in my family…on of our pets is dying. Hear about Southwest held an entire plane’s departure while I phoned in life-saving instructions when my Cocker Spaniel was dying. Trump goes to Iowa to tell them how much he “loves” them…and they – we all – bought it. That’s the story that we all need to be careful of. Exactly how much bovine feces can Trump or any other candidate give us before we call them on it. Notice though, Trump may be on of the political establishment’s greatest head-fakes of all time. www.JohnBrislinShow.com

Top 3 things we want from a Presidential candidate…listener debate prep

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  Great show! 08 01 2015 The John Brislin Show In the upcoming GOP debate we will hear a lot about what the candidates think we think is important. We should know what is important to us BEFORE they tell us what we think. Tonight we focus on bring that out of eachother…that understanding of who each one of us is and what we need from a President. Then, lets look for a candidate that matches up to that. Isn’t that the point? It is on this week’s episode of THE JOHN BRISLIN SHOW. Thanks and enjoy! Listen here to see if I came close. Thanks. Enjoy. —  Live show will appear on list ONLY AFTER START TIME OF SHOW…9:00pm Saturday!  Please make comments below!  I read each and every one.  Thanks, and ENJOY!!! Note:  Be sure that you click the play button next to the show for August 1, 2015.