9/12…September 12th, The new day…the new lives of Americans

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On 9/12 – the day after the attack – was the first day that we woke up and went about our business in a new way, our lives in a new way. There were the attacks, but the days that followed were the days that set the course for the future of America and, by extension the world.

What does it all mean to us today? Do we chose Presidents differently? Do we cherish our own lives differently? …our loved ones? Are we different? Yes? After 9/11 we flew flags everywhere and talked about it with everyone. Where did all of those flags go? Have you talked about it lately?

What did “they” really do to us? We talk about it tonight on the John Brislin Show.


Pope Francis helps America find its pro-America voice. That’s a miracle.

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  Pope Francis visits Amercia. American comentators start to speak from a non-partisan perspective. The media starts to speak from a patriotic, pro-American point of view. Should the church declare this a “miracle”? Maybe. Maybe not. But, it does seem clear that this Pope is different than other Popes of the past and even different than other world leaders. This man may actually be “the real thing”. This man might actually be a “Pope even if he wan’t officially the Pope”. He is bringing us together, all of the worlds religions as well as the worlds philosophies. He is showing us how to find the better angels in each other. It’s been so long since we’ve seen that, that we don’t really know how to experience it anymore. But, we need to re-learn it. THAT is what this pope is giving us. And, THAT really is a miracle. Go Pope, go Pope…getcha’ hug on…getcha’ hug on… You tell me. Comment or email or Facebook or just plain call in next Saturday at 9pm Pacific time. 702-257-5396 / 257-KDWN.

Desmoine Register takes on Trump on his past statements and record

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  Donald “Dice” Trump…trying to tell it like it is.  Just as offensive when Andrew “Dice” Clay did it.  Clay’s career following that path was cut short.  Interestingly, “Dice” was recently a contestant on Donald Trumps reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice.  Eventually people get sickened of this routine.  And, now its starting in Iowa. I have predicted repeatedly that when the current GOP front-runner, Donald Dice Trump, is forced to cease his “shadow boxing for the cameras” and must actually face a political “heavy-weight”…he will take residence on the mat faster than McNeeley’s attempt to take on the real thing known as Mike Tyson. Anybody can shadow box. Some can do it and really look like they have a chance against a Tyson punch. Things change when they are hit with the reality of a “Mike Tyson”! Who will be Trump’s Tyson? You tell me. Comment or email or Facebook or just plain call in next Saturday at 9pm Pacific time. 702-257-5396 / 257-KDWN.

Top 10 presidential candidates’ net worth. Do they get it if they don’t live it?

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  We know that Trump is on the top of the “net worth list”, but who is in the middle and who is at the bottom? Why? And, do we really want someone representing us that doesn’t feel what we feel or have any idea what we go through? Nearly 100 years ago Teddy Roosevelt kept us from revolution by focusing on the people’s control of the wealth corporations and their elite owners. He saw the conditions in Russia as similar to America and knew where we were headed. The Czars did not have the forsight of TR. The Czars died and Lenin took over in the October Revolution of 1917. Do we have a TR on the horizon? Is Trump a TR or an anti-TR? This and more on…THE JOHN BRISLIN SHOW!