05 28 2016 The John Brislin Show

Comment or email or Facebook or just plain call in next Saturday at 9pm Pacific time. 702-257-5396 / 257-KDWN.

—  Live show will appear on list ONLY AFTER START TIME OF SHOW…9:00pm Saturday!  Please make comments below!  I read each and every one.  Thanks, and ENJOY!!! Note:  Be sure that you click the play button next to the show for February 13, 2015. Thanks and enjoy!

The John Brislin Show
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KDWN, Las Vegas

Black Lives Matter, How we come back together? A real leader. None coming. Bummer.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a leaderless movement that is in a “family” of hot American issues that, collectively, endanger our nation. We need a leader to lead us out of this minefield, a leader worthy of a monument in 50 years for what they do in the next 5. I no longer think that the current presidential candidates’ gutter politics this cycle are leading us, but rather reflecting us. But, they’re not helping. That said, we need – I’m saying NEED here – a leader, a truly inspiring generational leader to get us out of this mess. We need a person worthy of a monument in DC 50 years from now. This cocktail of problems our nation is facing is not a place for a leaderless movement such as the Occupy Movement, the Tea Party movement, or Black Lives Matter. Immigration, That should be our standard for a president, not simply “good” relative to the other candidate. [#black lives matter] We are facing many dividing influences in each of our worlds. So many that we must collectively do triage on them all in order to do the most good. We all have the list as we see it.…